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Unrivalled within their field and already labelled a phenomena, these books are taking the country by storm and are as much for the developed mind as for anyone just starting out. Refreshingly blunt and uplifting Stephanie’s talking interactive books are specifically commissioned by Spirit to help us wake up and make life work here and now. Work, talk and interact directly with your own guardian – in a way that’s completely in tune with your own life…

AND SO IT BEGINS… and LIFE IS CALLING… are part of a personal life programme – especially co-written with Spirit to continue and jump start the real time soul journey you’re on now – like a personal growth / self realization / spirit help line. How can we possibly live life to the full if we only know half of the story – if we don’t see the full and complete picture? We’re all part of life’s own continuing, unfolding drama, a single part – in an unfurling, unending greater whole. What we do, what we think, how we connect and what we say are more important than we presently know… (Threaded throughout these written works are words straight to you from the God Mind / (I am I). Each work presents a three way link between yourself, your Guardian and God.)

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Cover story to mend a broken heart!

Posted by Stephanie J King on 3 Apr 2014 (In The Press)

‘HOW TO MEND A BROKEN HEART’ makes the cover of More to Life’s spring edition! Best selling author, Soulpreneur™ & Divine Guidance guru Stephanie J. King shares with us practical, life enhancing tips and wisdoms to re-instil faith, joy and love in a broken heart, helping it to heal and thrive again. Click here to […]

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‘Zone Show’ Interview, Tom Evans hosts Stephanie J King

Posted by Stephanie J King on 26 Nov 2013 (In The Press, Radio Appearances)

This is an audio file of an interview called “Upstairs to Downstairs” with Stephanie J King by Tom Evans. This was broadcast on 26th November – we hope you enjoy it: please feel free to leave your comments below and share it on twitter. Thanks! listen to ‘Upstairs to Downstairs with Stephanie J King’ on […]

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Peace and Healing: Interview with Stephanie J. King

Posted by Stephanie J King on 14 Oct 2013 (In The Press, Radio Appearances)

Several years ago, Stephanie J. King was having a difficult time in life. Things were not going well – she lost her business and her marriage was failing. Thoughts of negativity crept in each night before she went to bed. But then a miracle happened… Stephanie awoke in the middle of the night and was […]

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